Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Did Not Always Drink Beer

When I started working at PROS in 2005 I did not drink beer.  During after hours events, all my colleagues would have a pint glass or a bottle in their hands and I would be holding a vodka cranberry.  All that changed when I decided to do the Big 50 Club at Lil Woodrows Midtown.  As the implied by the name, this challenge involved drinking 50 distinct beers across several visits to Lil Woodrows.  

The list was selected by the bar and included ales, IPAs, stouts, ambers, hefenweizens, you name it.  After completing the 50 I had grown to love a nice cold beer on a hot Houston day.  I can't remember the last time I had a vodka cranberry.  

If you like beer, or if you'd like to find a beer that you might like Lil Woodrows is a great place to go.  Their selection is bananas.  Also, with the large space, you are able to find a comfy seat and relax with your friends all evening.  They have a lot of TVs so if you like sports this bar is a good option.  Also, if you like hanging out with people who like watching sports this bar is a good option (which is more my situation).  The atmosphere at Lil Woodrows Midtown is typical of chill Houston bar.  It's casual, relaxed and has PLENTY of choices of beverages.  Be sure to sample the options from Houston local craft breweries: Karbach, Saint Arnold's, 8th Wonder, Southern Star ...  I can't even name them all.



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